Eva Longoria in the way of aggressive vamp

Eva Longoria in the way of aggressive vamp Hollywood beauty and star of TV series "Desperate Housewives" has gone to incredible experiment with your looks for a men's magazine L'officiel Hommes.For the February issue of the magazine L'officiel Hommes feminine and sexy Eva Longoria tried on completely opposite to her image - bold and aggressive vamp with an ultra-short haircut.Bright, independent, dressed in the latest fashion, Eva posing on the cover of one of the most fashionable men's magazines. And so we can compare how the star better with short hair or feminine curls, the second cover of L'officiel Hommes embellished snapshot of Eva's usual for her in the way - with beautiful curls and a more feminine outfit.Also for shooting Eva wore an incredibly sexy mini and some clothes on a completely naked body... What came out of it, see below! Source: Eva Longoria in the way of aggressive vamp (photos).

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