In the UK, found the script of the film `Macbeth`

In the UK, found the script of the film `Macbeth`In the UK, found the script of the film "Macbeth", which was planned, but was never able to remove Laurence Olivier. About it reports The Guardian.The picture was supposed to be the fourth adaptation of Shakespeare Olivier, one that successfully adapted for the film "Henry V", "hamlet" and "Richard III".When Olivier in the late 1950s due to financial difficulties, abandoned the idea of "Macbeth", he tried to surround a failed project a veil of secrecy. For a long time it was assumed that the script of the film has not survived, but it is in thirteen versions found in the archive of the actor, his relatives sold the British library for a million pounds. Stumbled upon the documents of Jennifer Barnes, a teacher of English literature from Exeter University.As it turns out, Olivier and his second wife Vivien Leigh was planning to play accordingly Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, but also two of the three witches. The filmmaker was not included in the script portion of the original Shakespearean text. In particular, the main character, whom Olivier portrays a more determined, before the murder of king Duncan says his famous speech: "What I see before me? The dagger and stick me?".

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