Malinovskaya shocked recognition about your first sexual experience

Malinovskaya shocked recognition about your first sexual experiencePresenter Masha Malinovskaya shocked journalists an unexpected confession about his first sexual experience.It turned out that 17 years old girl, who at the time was a virgin, was raped. It happened in her home town of Smolensk. Carefree Masha and her friend was walking down the street, when his car was approached by two guys. When an attempt to lure the girls offer to eat watermelon has failed miserably, scum dragged them into the car and taken to the woods... Classic scheme from the 90's:"We are not to go anywhere was going to, but we were dragged into a van, drove into the woods and raped her. Then returned back to the city, threw on some street and drove off, said Malinovskaya the magazine "7 days".The story is truly terrible, and the fact that the first man Malinovskaya was a rapist, and altogether terrifying. The only plus in all this sheer terror - girls alive:"I was standing at the curb in a torn skirt, watched roars girlfriend, and she was terribly angry, because I had to yell and on the ground to ride it from me, but not her first sexual experience was "unforgettable," continued his confession TV presenter. "And yet, when I came home I prayed to God thanking Him for the fact that everything ended relatively well. It could in fact easily strangle and throw into the gutter.".

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