Harris found her husband in the company of her best friend

Harris found her husband in the company of her best friendPopular singer Anna Sedokova found her husband Maxim Cherniavsky in the company of her best friend, ex-member of the group "VIA Gra" Santa Dimopoulos. The actress has accused Santa of hypocrisy in his microblog and admitted that he wants to forget everything.Personal life Anna Sedokova, which is usually very little is discussing with representatives of the press and readers of her social media accounts details of private life, could not hold back and accused best friend, former member of girl group "VIA gra" Santa Dimopoulos in hypocrisy.Interestingly, the story began the day before. In his microblog Anna Sedokova reflected: "once again made the wrong friend. What is it with me!! Or with them. Some girls think every man for himself in this war for men. And that is the war. Maybe so. But certainly not mine." Later Harris clarified his previous record, posting the message: "And what are hypocritical people.. Since the beginning of their girlfriends,and then with your husbands kindle. I want to forget".The entry was accompanied by a link to a Ukrainian source, according to which, while Anna Sedokova travels through the cities and villages, her husband Maxim Cherniavsky having fun with her best friend Santa Dimopoulos. As evidence are the photos from Instagram Santa, where a sultry brunette performs a free night in the company of friends and the husband Sedokova."How is it possible.. Quietly, Anya ..Exhale," wrote Harris, and then became retweet messages to its readers, which immediately began to soothe the singer and lead various wise thoughts about trust and hypocrisy.Interestingly, the situation is doubly embarrassing because until recently myself Dimopoulos was happily married. Recall, Santa Dimopoulos and her partner Vladimir Samsonenko exchanged vows of fidelity in the Italian capital Rome in September. The ceremony was attended by only close friends and relatives of the couple. It is reported that a witness at the wedding was a socialite Natalia okunskaya.After alarming reports rumors that the married life Sedokova and Chernyavsky is experiencing a serious crisis broke out with a vengeance. Moreover, the gossips say that close to the divorce. However, Anna and max are silent regarding this information. Source: Harris found her husband in the company of her best friend.

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