The author of `fluffy Jesus` set his painting on eBay

The author of `fluffy Jesus` set his painting on eBayThe author of the famous "fluffy Jesus" - damaged frescoes in the Church in the Spanish town of Borja - put up for online auction site eBay one of his paintings.The work is titled "Wine cellar in Borja" ("Las Bodegas de Borja") will be sold for charitable purposes - 80-year-old Cecilia Jimenez intends to transfer the money to a Catholic organization, the Associated Press reports."Wine cellar in Borja" was written by Jimenez in 2000. The size of the picture, painted in oil on canvas - 33 by 22 cm. The starting price for the work Jimenez was 300 euros. At the time of this writing, the "Wine cellar in Borja" 37 was made of the rates. The auction will end on Tuesday, December 18.World famous Cecilia Jimenez acquired in the summer of 2012, when changed beyond recognition fresco "Behold the man" ("Ecce Homo"), which depicted Jesus Christ. The author of the original frescoes is the painter Elias Garcia Martinez, created the "Ecce Homo" in the late XIX - early XX century.Jimenez said that she was disturbed by worn-out fresco on a pillar in the Church, and she decided to save her. Thus, according to the pensioner, it started to work after discussing all the details with the rector of the Church. No expert evaluation of the old fresco before the start of the work, Jimenez was not given.Eventually, when the work was completed, it became clear that fresco ruined. The pensioner, as the media wrote, instead of Jesus turned out to be a cross between a monkey and a bear. Results of the Spanish flu turned into an Internet meme, and Network users objected to drastically updated "Ecce Homo" was again restored.The image is "fuzzy Jesus" began to print on t-shirts, posters, Souvenirs and so on. Costume hero murals were very popular during the celebration of Halloween. Source: Author "fluffy Jesus" set his painting on eBay.

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