Agata muceniece showed his belly

Agata muceniece showed his bellyThe mystical star of the series "Closed school" Agata muceniece pleased many fans with his photo in his underwear. Special relish the picture gives a big belly actress that nothing is impossible to hide.The young actress Agata muceniece joined the ranks of celebrities showing fans "wanaloki", that is, images that stars do in the bathroom. Such frames can boast of almost all domestic celebrities. Those who have not had time myself to capture in the bathroom, definitely fall under the second category: "lifelike", which means that celebrity is photographed themselves in the Elevator.Agata muceniece and her husband actor Paul Priluchny waiting for the firstborn. The pair did not hide interesting situation Agatha, but did not put it on display. Lovers rarely visit various secular parties, but this does not mean that Paul and Agatha hiding from the press and fans. So, the other day muceniece posted in your account on the social network Instagram photo posing in only underwear.In the picture, which was done in the bathroom, Agatha shows big belly, white panties and bra, covering small Breasts. And all this is accompanied by a rather ambiguous expression on the face of Agatha. It shows the language. Posted a picture muceniece not commented on. However, according to rumors, so she congratulated her husband a happy birthday.Recall, the news that the stars of the popular mystical series "Closed school" Paul Priluchny and Agata muceniece got married, appeared in April of this year. As it turned out, the wedding took place under complete secrecy, the ceremony was not even attended by the parents of the lovers. A few months later, in August, it was reported that the young couple waiting for the addition to the family.Despite the fact that Agatha and Paul wanted a baby, they did not expect so soon he will be born. "The realization that you're gonna be a dad, it's invigorating. If before I worked a lot, now not waive any and all projects - capture, voice - whatever it is," he said Priluchny in an interview.The baby should be born in January. Who exactly expect spouses, boy or girl, the actors do not speak. Agatha said: "Pasha I fear nothing, I want that kind of husband every woman. I'm sure with all the difficulties we can handle it and everything will be fine." Source: Agata muceniece showed his belly.



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