Lady Gaga released a jazz version of the song `You and I` (video)

Lady Gaga released a jazz version of the song `You and I` (video)American singer Lady Gaga released a jazz version of her song "You and I" in 2011.On Twitter, Gaga explained that the new arrangement of "You and I" owe "too much whiskey, drunk with Brian Newman, a jazz trumpeter. The musician replied that working with Gaga for him was a pleasure.Also in October 2012, it became known that Lady Gaga is preparing a jazz album together with legendary kruzerom Tony Bennett. Plate, according to the singer, "will have to prove that Lady Gaga is one of the best jazz singers of all time".The tracklist of the forthcoming album has been kept secret, but it is known that the arrangement will deal with Marion Evans, a famous jazz producer. Lady Gaga has worked with Tony Bennett on the song "The Lady is a Tramp" c his album "Duets II".Source: Lady Gaga released a jazz version of the song "You and I" (video).



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