Installed killer actor Vyacheslav Titov

Installed killer actor Vyacheslav TitovInvestigators determined the identity of the killer actor of Theatre of a name of Mayakovsky Vyacheslav Titov. 40-year-old actor, who starred in the popular television series "Capercaillie", was found naked and strangled in her apartment at the end of December 2011. The offender is declared in the Federal search.According to investigators, Titov let himself into the house of his killer. The actor on the way home from the theater went to the store for groceries, where they accidentally met 22-year-old young man. The guy he invited to his home to drink, told the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in law enforcement.The suspect left plenty of fingerprints in the apartment of his victim. However, to get on his trail operatives immediately could not: the offender has never been fingerprinted in the organs. However, the identity of the offender was still installed. According to security officials, a young man hiding from the investigation in the Ural region and will soon be caught.Recall, Titova naked body with a plastic bag over his head found the actor's mother in his apartment on the street Novorogozhskaya two days after his death. The experts found that the man was strangled.The death of actor became the first in the chain of tragedies with the actors of the series "Capercaillie". After two months of Anatoly Otradnoe poisoned with a mixture of clonidine with alcohol. And in March 2012 a colleague Titov and Otradnoe the filming of Sergei Sharashkin died from her injuries when he stepped on a grenade in the apartment of his parents in the Ryazan region. Source: Installed killer actor Vyacheslav Titov.

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