Dzhigurda will go under the knife for the sake of Anissina

Dzhigurda will go under the knife for the sake of AnissinaFlamboyant actor Nikita Dzhigurda made another statement. The actor said that preparing for plastic surgery. Such a step it is for spouses figure skater Marina Anisina those.Recently Nikita Dzhigurda visited one of the social events, where told the media that they see it this last time. Interested journalists immediately drew attention to the appearance of the artist, who for the occasion wore pretty standard for ourselves: black leather, a set of massive rings with skulls, long hair and black glasses."So you see me for the last time. Prepare a gift to his beloved Marina Anisina those who want to do plastic surgery eyelid and look younger!" - quoted a statement Nikita Dzhigurda "7 days". Is it really shocking he is ready to go under the surgeon's knife, it is unknown, however some members of the media suggest that it can happen. For his birthday which he will celebrate at the end of March, he obviously wants to appear in updated form.In addition, the artist has already proved that it does not throw words to the wind. As said I'll shoot the video for his dance track "Oppa, Dzhigurda!", he has performed at the Kremlin - and did. The video he made to undo the end of the world. The resulting product is literally shocking visuals and speed of change of personnel.Recall, it all starts with the fact that the chair is lying on the hay, and beside him in a red dress dancing on the floor his wife, figure skater Marina Anisina. Because of the mounting of the chair, two seconds ago dancing at the hole with shorts, raised to his chest, suddenly appeared in the bus, and in a minute - at home, "lights" along with his wife and son. And Marina Anisina so fervently of attentively that literally showed her underwear. However, the chair also took the opportunity to shake his manhood. The artist in the story took off first the shorts, then some boxers, then other and stayed in a Thong. The end of the video turned out enchanting at least was back in the hayloft. He grabbed piglets for the front paws and slapped on the behind the cow. Source: Dzhigurda will go under the knife for the sake of Anissina.

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