Husband Agurbash told me about his new sweetheart

Husband Agurbash told me about his new sweetheartFormer husband of popular singer Angelica Agurbash Nicholas, who in all the interviews claimed that continues to love ex-wife and is ready to take her back, gave a candid interview in which has told about a new sweetheart.The businessman does not only give her control of his company, and exchanged with her rings.As it turned out, Nikolai Agurbash was able to find a replacement for my Angelica in just a couple weeks after the breakup. All summer businessman spent in the Greek Islands in the company of some of Olga Pominovo, which for him had resigned from the Bank. There, in the monastery of the XVI century, they exchanged rings. And now besides Olga led the company Agurbash Mortadel"."We met with Olga at the end of may. She saved me from depression as a guardian angel. These women aren't attracted to me never: inconspicuous, modest, quiet... the Only thing I immediately noticed is she looks like my mother in his youth. And I suddenly really wanted to please her! We grew close. A week later I was invited to fly on holiday in Sochi. We rented the presidential Suite. Rested, have vanished. A week later flew to Berdyansk. Then in the Emirates... Then I was going to Greece for the summer, and she quit her job so as not to leave me. Olya and I were treated as mentally ill. I even called her my "greenery". She was often in my house, although, in fact, we never left" - quoted Nikolai Agurbash StarHit.The businessman explained: "you See, I grieved. And Olga was there, conducted my business, supported. She understood me as she had in life was as a personal tragedy. At the moment a particularly acute sense of the loss we went to the Holy island of Mykonos. And there, in the monastery of St. Potapov, exchanged rings as a sign of our intimacy and loyalty for life. By the way, on his return to Moscow, I took Olga to work as Vice-President on Economics. She is my right hand, has the right of first signature and actually manages four companies.".

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