In Hiroshima died Japanese animator, Nakazawa

In Hiroshima died Japanese animator, NakazawaIn Hiroshima on 74-m to year of life has died one of the most famous masters of Japanese animation - Keiji Nakazawa, ITAR-TASS reported.He was famous for anti-war comic "Barefoot Gen", dedicated to the American atomic bombing of his hometown. As reported on Tuesday, the family of the artist, he died on 19 December from lung cancer.The Keiji Nakazawa the morning of 6 August 1945 was walking to class in a local school, when the city exploded an atomic bomb. Six-year-old boy was located 1.2 km from the epicenter and survived only due to the fact that he was behind a concrete wall who shielded him from the heat wave. Many who were near him were killed. Under the ruins of his home killed his father, sister and younger brother of the future artist.Professionally he began to paint in 1963 and was a passionate anti-war theme. Since 1973 individual releases started publishing his famous autobiographical comic "Barefoot Gen", which tells about the life of a boy in Hiroshima after the atomic blast. This work brought the artist international fame. Cartoon based on the comic book was duplicated and was shown in many languages, including Russian, English, Korean. Source: Hiroshima died Japanese animator, Nakazawa.

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