50-year-old Marcia Cross appeared without makeup

50-year-old Marcia Cross appeared without makeup Marcia Cross, best known for the TV series Melrose Place, has already celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, but this does not prevent her look. Recently the actress was photographed as she came out of the gym after a workout.Physical activity has added the actress healthy glow on your face and a good mood, but the condition of the skin Marcia Cross takes care of separately. Says the actress, she always washes away makeup and applied to the face sunscreen. Besides Marcia - adherent non-radical cosmetic procedures. According to her, to go under the knife she may be ready, but while trying to delay the visit to a plastic surgeon."People say so much about the 50th anniversary in the sense of bloom or "tighter" to the eye, but most forget to say what this means: the time of your life expires. It's about to realize how precious the time, " says Cross. "That's why I'm not engaged in search of the next series".The actress and her husband Tom Mahoney five years older twins Eden and Savannah, so veteran Marcia Cross, apparently, decided now to spend more time with his family rather than career. Although with her looks in the movie she still can count on a good role. Source: 50-year-old Marcia Cross appeared without makeup (photo).

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