In Russia will release the coin to the Eiffel tower

In Russia will release the coin to the Eiffel towerThe Bank of Russia on December 28, will put into circulation a commemorative silver coin with the image of the writer Ivan Bunin and the Eiffel tower. This is stated in the official press release of the Central Bank.Coin three rubles dedicated to the season of Russian language and literature in France and French language and literature in Russia. The circulation of coins is five thousand pieces.December 28, the Central Bank will also launch into circulation a silver 25-ruble coin from the series "the Architectural masterpieces of Russia". It is devoted to the Admiralty building in St. Petersburg architect Andreyan Zakharov. Results will be released one and a half thousand such coins.In the treatment received and three silver coins in two roubles from the series "Outstanding sportsmen of Russia". The coins will be placed image skaters Maria Isakova, Lydia Skoblikova and Evgenia Grishina. The mintage of each coin will be three thousand pieces. Source: Russia will issue a coin with the Eiffel tower.

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