Tom cruise and Katie Holmes have decided to reunite for one day

Tom cruise and Katie Holmes have decided to reunite for one dayFamous Hollywood actors and former wife of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes decided to reunite. Such a step they went for daughter Suri. But touching family reunion will be held only for one day.Auspicious day of the reunification of the two Hollywood stars Tom cruise and Katie Holmes will be held on November 22. The former couple decided together to spend thanksgiving, which is usually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.They say this step Katie and Tom went solely for the sake of their six-year-old daughter Suri. Inner circle Katie Holmes reported that caring mommy tries to do everything just the daughter did not feel slighted, including in communion with the father, the star of films "Mission impossible" Tom cruise. Moreover, they say that the girl is expecting another pleasant surprise: at the end of this year it will travel to Colorado in luxury ski resort."Tom and Katie are determined to show Suri that they're still friends. They know how much you mean to her, so sacrifice their principles and pride, to arrange for my daughter a happy holiday" - quoted a close friend of former spouses StarHit.Recall that in late June, Katie Holmes has officially left her husband, Hollywood actor Tom cruise. However, the couple divorced only two months later, in August. It was reported that Tom and Katie promised to maintain friendly relations and work together to raise their six year old daughter Suri. After the divorce, Katie has lost a lot of money (Tom cruise is one of the richest Hollywood actors, whose fortune is estimated at 250 million dollars) and many benefits. So, the actress has moved from a car with a personal driver for public transport and replaced on a private plane normal. Moreover, they say that Holmes didn't make a dime after the divorce process.By the way, the same court ruled that a Hollywood actor as alimony must pay only 33 thousand dollars a month. It turns out to 18 years (when the term of payment) Suri "accumulate" five million dollars. In addition to alimony, the court ruled that the girl lives with her mother, but the father has the right to visit the child at any time. Source: Tom cruise and Katie Holmes have decided to reunite for one day.

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