Male fashionistas who are over 50

Male fashionistas who are over 50 In the midst of the Hollywood awards season and the daily photos are a riot of interesting outfits of celebrities. To but try not only ladies, men are not far behind. But to be a mod in 20-40 years is one thing. And as for those who are older?We went in search of mods, which become more stylish (so we walked around the phrase "retirement age".We will begin with remarks concerning, perhaps, all participants in our "chart": closer to 50 they follow the example of Quentin Tarantino, hiding behind the jackets and jumpers not too athletic figure. And this is reasonable.Anyway, and you have to start with rock stars because around 68-year-old Keith Richards and 69-year-old Mick Jagger and breathes success, with echoes of applause and has a plume of thousands of broken female hearts.It is remarkable, but both not doing anything. They're just not afraid of a little "score" on the dress code and to walk in sneakers on the red carpet, wear a shirt instead of a t-shirt or a bright jacket.Mick Jagger, Keith Richards in company with johnny Depp66-year-old David Lynch does not follow the fashion trends, they pursue Director. His cool haircut in the retro style has become one of the trends, young fashion for the second straight season crowds shaved whiskey and grow bangs.Lynch not chasing after them with his fashion mess head on it just to stick. His hair has become a kind of business card of the Director and sometimes serves as a pretext for recognizable caricatures.After reviewing a couple of hundred images 49-year-old Christian Louboutin, Plitkar made the discovery. It turns out that the designer, Obuasi half of Hollywood in shoes with red soles, loves to dress up in clothes of red tones. Here is a "surprise".Louboutin sometimes less interesting than the long-legged beauty in new clothes from his new line. Bow ties, suede shoes with tassels, dandified handkerchiefs in the pockets of jackets. This Parisian this sleek, reminiscent of Hercule Poirot - if the detective decided to lose weight :).76-year-old woody Allen and fashion - it somehow does not fit. But all is not hopeless. In his cap, baggy trousers and horn-rimmed glasses, which accidentally came into Vogue, he still looks cooler than half of Hollywood Directors put together.Sometimes on the red carpet of the American looks very interesting. And not only that, under the handle with him defile Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson and other luxury actress. Mr. Allen recalls a top Manager on the field for the game of Golf: light trousers, and neat Polo knitted sweaters, as well as a slightly confused look that says "what am I doing here?".

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