To the house of Tom cruise in Los Angeles came the police

To the house of Tom cruise in Los Angeles came the policeTo the house of Tom cruise in Los Angeles came the police. Unknown said that in the mansion, and someone entered, and there is heard the shots.Responding to the call, police immediately arrived at the address. However, nothing suspicious was found. The actor and his loved ones on the left and in the house there was only the wait staff, who knew nothing about the call, writes StarHit.Note, this is not the first call SWAT in Los Angeles home Cruz. In August 2011 received a call about the robbery of a neighboring house. A squad of police rapid reaction then too rushed on alert. Cruz, two years ago, still living with Katie Holmes, was not injured.Presently police establishes what kind of phone did the current call, to identify and punish the prankster. Recently fake calls to the police and rescue services to the homes of celebrities have become extremely popular in Hollywood. In the Los Angeles police Department these pranks became known as "spetsnaz", because every time the caller is trying to call to place more police officers or even a squad.As stated by the police Sergeant Renato Moreno, on each call with a message about the shots the police Beverly hills throws almost half of their resources available for emergency cases. In December of last year in Los Angeles have arrested a teenager who committed similar calls. Victims of his pranks became Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber.Although false calls in the house is famous not only do the attackers. For example, in early January, the children of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie by clicking on the special button, accidentally caused to the house armed police with a helicopter. Source: the house of Tom cruise in Los Angeles came the police.



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