Jolie-Pitta showed the grown twins

Jolie-Pitta showed the grown twins The youngest members of the numerous family of Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt were met by paparazzi yesterday in one of the parks of Los Angeles. The twins, along with a nanny, is developed on the Playground in the company of friends-tots.The first thing that caught my eye for a while that we haven't seen VIV and Knox are very much grown and changed. Remarkably, with each new month, kids less resemble each other: Vivien, unlike her older sister Shilo, very similar to my mother. But Knox, as befits a man who has inherited facial features Brad pitt. Source: Jolie-Pitta showed the grown twins (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Instagram has threatened to delete my account Madonna

Instagram has threatened to delete my account MadonnaThe photo service Instagram said that some pictures of Madonna violate the rules of the resource because of what her account may be deleted. The image containing the text of the warning, was published in the account of the singer.What pictures and what points of the rules violated Madonna, Instagram does not specify. The company Facebook, which owns Instagram, declined to comment on the reasons for the warning. The photoservice "strongly recommends" the Madonna delete pictures that violate the rules. Otherwise, her account can be deleted or frozen without warning.In the message of the photo service separately emphasized that users are not allowed to upload other people's photos, images containing illegal content, and images showing a naked body. Business Insider notes that, according to many followers of the Madonna, claims Instagram linked to the last position: one of the photographs released by Madonna, her buttocks are visible.In addition, Madonna posted two photographs of works by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Читать полностью -->

The last `Twilight` became the leaders of the Russian rental

The last `Twilight` became the leaders of the Russian rentalLast, the fifth, part of one of the most successful franchises of recent years, "Twilight. Saga. Dawn: Part 2" (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2) according to the results of last weekend took the top spot on the leaderboard Russian hire, informs RIA "Novosti" with reference to the portal Kinobusiness.A film about immortal love girl and the vampire, starring roles in which she played Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, earned during the first weekend in the Russian hire slightly less than 22 million dollars, breaking the record of "Avatar", which started in his time with 21 million dollars.In the second place the leader of last week - epic drama "Cloud Atlas" (Cloud Atlas) that "everything is interconnected": half a dozen actors play several dozen roles in six interwoven stories. The film, based on the novel by David Mitchell, earned over the past weekend for $ 2.5 million. Total fees of film authorship of Tom Tykwer and Andy and Lana Wachowski was 12.9 million.Third place goes to the film "Ralph" (Wreck-It Ralph) of attempted secondary character of the game to prove that he is worth something too. The film is a journey of the arcade games earned over the weekend with $ 1.3 million, bringing total cash to $ 14.1 million.One more position lost new series of James bond "007: Coordinates "Skyfall" (Skyfall). Читать полностью -->

Jennifer Lopez made a RAID to the most fashionable boutiques in Beverly hills

Jennifer Lopez made a RAID to the most fashionable boutiques in Beverly hills In the US - the season of Christmas sales and J. Lo does not lose time in vain! Together with her young lover Casper Smart, the singer made a RAID to the most fashionable boutiques in Beverly hills, showing a stylish winter look.Sexy judge "American Idol", as always, was on top: black Golf with transparent inserts, form-fitting jeans and a grey fur vest. Stylish look for shopping Jennifer completed using suitable accessories - transparent glasses in black and white-rimmed and rectangular beige Hermes bag.Shopping the boutiques of Beverly hills Jennifer went in the company of her boyfriend Casper Smart, the young ladies Emma of Sonny and max. Judging by the happy faces of all participants, we each got a stylish and desirable new clothes! Source: Jennifer Lopez raided the most fashionable boutiques in Beverly hills (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Eva Longoria in the way of aggressive vamp

Eva Longoria in the way of aggressive vamp Hollywood beauty and star of TV series "Desperate Housewives" has gone to incredible experiment with your looks for a men's magazine L'officiel Hommes.For the February issue of the magazine L'officiel Hommes feminine and sexy Eva Longoria tried on completely opposite to her image - bold and aggressive vamp with an ultra-short haircut.Bright, independent, dressed in the latest fashion, Eva posing on the cover of one of the most fashionable men's magazines. And so we can compare how the star better with short hair or feminine curls, the second cover of L'officiel Hommes embellished snapshot of Eva's usual for her in the way - with beautiful curls and a more feminine outfit.Also for shooting Eva wore an incredibly sexy mini and some clothes on a completely naked body... What came out of it, see below! Source: Eva Longoria in the way of aggressive vamp (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Kate Midleton pregnant

Kate Midleton pregnantBritish triumphs yard. After two years of rumors and denials, it was officially confirmed that Prince William and his wife Kate expecting first child.Over the past from the day of their wedding a year and a half, the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge was suspected pregnancy almost every month. However, every time the rumors remained just rumors. Perhaps this is why, when a few weeks ago similar conversations began again and the distribution they received. Nevertheless, Kate began to watch carefully, especially as the Duchess, known for its excessive slenderness, suddenly begin to choose for loose-fitting outfits.And today it was officially announced - Kate and William expecting first child! What is the duration of pregnancy and when the baby will be born is still unknown!Congratulations to the future parents! Source: Kate pregnant Midleton. . Читать полностью -->

Will film a new series based on the novel `War and peace`

Will film a new series based on the novel `War and peace`The company "Bi-Bi-si" will film an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and peace", reports BBC News.It is already known that the new film will be split into six-hour series. The script will write to Andrew Davis. Previously, he participated in the work on the feature film "the Diary of Bridget Jones, Bridget Jones: the edge of reason," "Brideshead revisited" and "the Musketeers" (meaning the tape is Paul W. S. Anderson), as well as on the TV series "bleak house," "sense and sensibility" and "Doctor Zhivago".A new TV version of "War and peace" plan to present to the audience in 2015 on BBC One. Information about which actors are considered as candidates for the main roles, not yet.The novel "War and peace" earlier already filmed. Читать полностью -->

Ewan McGregor will play public enemy N1

Ewan McGregor will play public enemy N1The American film market kicks off in late October in Santa Monica, which means that a variety of companies, producers and filmmakers will gather in one place, wanting to knock some money for their projects. One of such Directors will be the Aussie Julius Avery.He is with a guitar at the ready and rock'n'roll sentiments are lucky enough to market his project "Son Of a Gun". By the way, Avery has found a leading man - he agreed with Ewan McGregor."Son Of a Gun" is presented as a tense Thriller about the complex relationship of public enemy # 1 and his young protГ©gГ©. The film will take place in Australia, and we are promised a mix of "combat" and "animal Kingdom".If Avery successfully go to the market and will find sources for financing, production pattern will start early next year.As for McGregor, he soon will be seen in a heart-wrenching drama "the Impossible" (14 February) and the tale from Director Bryan singer's "Jack the Slayer of giants" (March 21). Source: Ewan McGregor will play public enemy N1. . Читать полностью -->

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