`An unexpected journey`: the hobbit Bilbo made it to Russia (video)

`An unexpected journey`: the hobbit Bilbo made it to Russia (video)Under the headline "Unexpected journey" in the Russian hire starts today "the Hobbit" is the first part of the new big-budget film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson, the background of the events described in "the Lord of the Rings.This long-awaited tape is in the focus of attention of our colleagues from the film industry", which was on a premiere of the film in the new Zealand capital of Wellington and there talked with the actors and creators of the film.Their main adaptation of the children's book-the bestseller of the Patriarch of the fantasy genre by John Tolkien was 75 years old. Send Bilbo in exciting cinema journey costing hundreds of millions of dollars helped trehmilliardnoe revenue "Lord of the Rings, Hollywood fashion prequels and, of course, the name of the Director. For a long time listed as the producer, but ultimately, who took the production on Peter Jackson approached history with a proprietary scale. The way "there and back" in its on-screen presentation will last for three paintings."Bilbo - the best of carefree, with a sense of humor, but his ego is higher than normal, says about his character-the hobbit actor Martin Freeman. - He professes a very limited view of the world. But, when taking a journey in other worlds, he finally will go beyond the borders not only geographically, but also internal. Читать полностью -->

Psychic Martirosyan arrested for killing 3 models in Moscow

Psychic Martirosyan arrested for killing 3 models in Moscow42-year-old psychic Georgy Martirosyan arrested on suspicion of violence against the girls and the mother of one of them.In the capital disclosed a series of murders photo models carried out over the past two years. On suspicion in the massacre of beauties detained 42-year-old psychic Georgy Martirosyan.Girl inviting a native of Tbilisi to his home for damage removal and conspiracy, were victims of their own naivety - according to Georgiy Martirosyan, tempted by the savings models, killed them.Operatives of the Moscow investigation Department arrested the suspect in four murders on Thursday, February 21, in a special operation conducted in the suburbs.Georgy Martirosyan will be charged under article 105 of the criminal code "Murder", - told Life News source in law enforcement bodies.In a press-service of the Metropolitan police Life News also confirmed the fact of detention.- Today, in a course quickly-search actions by employees of criminal investigation Department, together with colleagues from the Department of internal Affairs on TSAO and investigators SHGs of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow detained a 42-year-old native of Tbilisi, said on Petrovka, 38. - He is suspected of committing several murders in Moscow. Currently, suspects are held operative-investigative activities.Girls who are victims Martirosyan, as it turned out during the investigation, have found his future killer. The business model did not bring them much revenue, so they worked in the field of escort services. However, the thought that such a lifestyle is ruining their karma.It is for cleansing of the aura of the girl and came to a psychic Martirosyan in Korolev near Moscow, where he was with them a variety of treatments of various kinds, and was invited to his home.Between the business model tells the native of Georgia their financial secrets: even brought him his money that he spent on them rite "improve financial situation".- The magician knew the girl from a difficult model life hooked on "slow" drugs: heroin and methadone, " explain the investigators. Читать полностью -->

Granovskaya could be back `VIA gra`

Granovskaya could be back `VIA gra`Popular TV presenter, former member of the group "VIA Gra" Hope Meyher-Granovskaya in an interview admitted that the producer Konstantin Meladze was the idea to collect the veterans of the team and to arrange a tour, and fantasize about your own wedding.The artist does not hide that completely happy and told a secret relationship with a loved one.After the birth of his daughter Anna Hope Granovskaya with new forces returned to work. She not only leads the transfer on one of the Ukrainian channels, but also takes part in a new TV project, which started recently. We will remind, Hope gave birth to her second child in March. The girl was born in one of the Kiev clinics. The father of the baby Anna is beloved Granovskaya, businessman Mikhail Urzhumtsev.Hope admitted that he had changed after the appearance of a daughter into the world: "With her birth I became more feminine! My son calls other sensations - martial. And when you see the daughter become like cottage cheese". Читать полностью -->

Steve Martin is 67 years old the first time became a father

Steve Martin is 67 years old the first time became a fatherPopular American comedian Steve Martin first became a father at the age of 67, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to Reuters.According to the press Secretary of the actor, Martin and his second wife, 41-year-old Ann Stringfield, "have recently become parents." It is reported that happy event occurred in December, however, the sex of the child and other circumstances of his birth are not specified.Star actor married Stringfield, who worked as a journalist in the edition of the New Yorker, in 2007. His previous marriage to British actress Victoria Tennant broke up in 1994.Steve Martin made his film debut in 1977. The world fame he got after the movie "dirty rotten scoundrels" (1988) and "the father of the bride" (1991). Also actor three times been invited to speak to leading the ceremony of awarding the prize "Oscar". Source: Steve Martin at the age of 67 first became a father. . Читать полностью -->

In Moscow took place the premiere of the tale of `Oz the Great and powerful` (video)

In Moscow took place the premiere of the tale of `Oz the Great and powerful` (video)In Moscow the premiere of a major Hollywood tales "Oz the Great and powerful". The budget is 200 million dollars wasted on the creation of a magical world based on the books of the classics of children's literature and engaging in a picture of the brightest stars - James Franco, Mila kunis and Michelle Williams.Under the name of Goodwin know in Russia, but for the English-speaking world it Oz, ruler of Dreamland, where enters the hurricane, and whose main road is paved with yellow bricks. However, neither in the original novels by American Frank Baum, neither in the books of the Soviet localizer tale of Alexander Volkov's no story about the past of a powerful sorcerer. Gaps in the biography of the magician with the help of actor James Franco and latest technology closes Director Sam Raimi is the author of loud in the trilogy of spider-Man, also known for the fact that in between the blockbusters he prefers to shoot horror movies.- Sam, while working on a new painting you ever felt the Great and Powerful?- Rather, pathetic and confused. And get rid of this feeling was hard. When surrounded by so many people, shooting equipment, scenery, really want to do it right. Читать полностью -->

Daniel Radcliffe beat up a passer-by

Daniel Radcliffe beat up a passer-by Daniel Radcliffe has recently come in not the most pleasant mood. The actor attacked a passerby, beat him - for which he was arrested by the police. Thank God, it was solely for the sake of icusta, filming a scene from the movie "Horns" in Vancouver.Daniel, let me remind you, plays a young man who woke up one morning with horns on his head. The horns allow him to hear the thoughts of other people, guy and hope to find the killers of his girlfriend. However, I have horns and a side effect - or rather, the most straightforward: they give the character a real devil. Source: Daniel Radcliffe beat up a passer-by (photo). Читать полностью -->

Jim Carrey approved for the lead role in the film `Loomis Fargo`

Jim Carrey approved for the lead role in the film `Loomis Fargo`Jim Carrey approved for the lead role in "Loomis Fargo" (Loomis Fargo), reports 1 February Film-News.co.uk with reference to Relativity Media.The Director of the film will speak Jared Hess, previously starred in the films "Napoleon Dynamite" and "Supermacho". The film should begin in North Carolina in April 2013.Rumors that Kerry will star in "Loomis Fargo" appeared in October 2012, but received confirmation just now. The scenario hero Kerry, just a Bank employee, for personal reasons decides to Rob the place of its work.The script "Loomis Fargo" is based on real events that occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1997. The driver of the armored car David Scott Gantt (David Scott Ghantt), who served in local office, Loomis Fargo & Company, with the help of accomplices robbed the establishment of 17.3 million dollars. The investigation involved the FBI. As a result, were arrested eight people, and 95 percent of the stolen amount was returned. Читать полностью -->

The book `Free` will become a TV series

The book `Free` will become a TV seriesNovel by British writer J. K. Rowling "Free space" (Casual Vacancy), published in September this year, will turn into a serial drama and will be aired on BBC One in 2014.Rowling, known to the world as the author of books about Harry Potter, and "Free space" is her first "adult" novel.Novel Rowling tells the story of unrest in the small provincial town after the death of one of the members of the city Council. The book Rowling explores the many manifestations of modern society, such as politics, drugs and class stratification. Some sources describe the book as a political satire, written in Frank language.Despite mixed reviews, the first week on the shelves of the novel "Free space" was sold to the amount of 125 thousand copies - this is the best result in the last three years the book market in the UK. As the site says the BBC, Rowling is very glad that her novel will be adapted for TV:". Читать полностью -->

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