Justin Bieber won the main prize at American Music Awards

Justin Bieber won the main prize at American Music AwardsFamous 18-year-old singer Justin Bieber won the main prize at American Music Awards - artist of the year" at the annual ceremony, held Sunday in Los Angeles, reports Reuters.He also received the title of the most popular pop/rock artist.Note, Bieber is not the first time he receives this award, it was awarded to her in 2010. At the same time last year, the young singer did not get into the top five favorites of the American TV audience.Compatriot Bieber, a young canadian singer Carly RAE Jepsen, won the title of "best new artist", and Katy Perry was named the best pop/rock singer.Awards American Music Awards November 19, 2012 were presented for the 40th time. The winner of the American Music Awards are determined by popular vote. An award given in eight categories, was conceived as the only one in the mid 70-ies competitor Grammy award, awarded by the professional community.We will remind, last year's winner of the award was the famous country singer Taylor swift received the award not only in the main nominee, but also in the categories of "Country" and "Best country album".Justin Bieber became famous after the clips on YouTube, in which he performed his own songs in the style of RnB. To date, the artist has recorded three albums, which sold a total circulation of 15 million copies. Source: Justin Bieber won the main prize at American Music Awards. Читать полностью -->

Charlize Theron will play the wife of a famous robber

Charlize Theron will play the wife of a famous robberCharlize Theron has been offered the lead female role in the Comedy Western Seth MacFarlane's "a Million ways to die in the West" ("A Million Ways to Die in the West"), according to The Hollywood Reporter.The protagonist of the film will become a farmer, which throws the girl, when he is showing cowardice during a firefight. To restore the relationship, the man decides to learn how to shoot, and the lessons he takes the wife of a famous robber. It was her and asked to play Theron.According to reports, the talks between the actress and the creators of the film is close to completion. It is expected that shooting will begin in may 2013.Seth MacFarlane is not only the Director but also the co-author of the screenplay. In addition, he played the leading male role. The first and only feature-length directorial work of McFarlane is a Comedy "the Third wheel" (original title - "Ted"), released in the summer of 2012. Читать полностью -->

Anna Sedokova posing in bikini

Anna Sedokova posing in bikini Popular singer Anna Sedokova has published in his microblog hot pictures posing only in a bikini. The actress decided to take a break after the speeches, the opening act for Jennifer Lopez.Recall, the information that Anna Sedokova will perform as the opening act for Jennifer Lopez in Moscow, appeared at the end of October. The good news with his many admirers shared Anna herself. In his microblog singer happily reported: "I Accept your congratulations)))) I open the concerts of Jennifer Lopez in Moscow!!!! I would be very happy to see You!!". . . Читать полностью -->

James blunt has announced the end of his musical career

James blunt has announced the end of his musical careerEnglish singer and songwriter James blunt has completed his musical career. He said this to journalists a few days ago, writes The Daily Mail.According to 38-year-old musician, in his future plans don't include writing new songs. Blunt said he intends to focus on his personal life and how to relax.Former soldier James blunt has released three Studio album, which sold around the world circulation of 18 million copies.Debut album, "Back to Bedlam" was released in 2004 and won first place in many countries, including the home of the blunt in the UK. One of the most famous hits from James blunt is the song "You're Beautiful" from the album "Back to Bedlam". Like the album, the song also won not one chart.Latest Studio release blunt dated November 2010 (in the U.S. the CD was released in 2011). Читать полностью -->

Irina Shayk visited the show `Evening Urgant` (video)

Irina Shayk visited the show `Evening Urgant` (video)At the evening show Ivan Urgant came top model Irina Shayk. The mannequin spoke about his hometown, silence about relationship with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and most of the time I drew the blanket over himself.A real surprise for many fans of the night show "Evening Urgant" and, in particular, for fans of top model Irina Shayk is its participation in the TV program. The model chose to shoot black lace dress with the Burgundy cover. Hair Irina pulled back in a sleek bun, and on foot wearing dark sandals.Irina did not have time to say Hello to Ivan and perching on the sofa, I began to joke to the place and not quite over Urgant, occasionally explicitly capturing the initiative and almost without leading to deadlock. It all started with mugs that Irina took a SIP. She frowned and said: "I thought the vodka already, Ivan. Читать полностью -->

Loud separations and divorces of celebrities in 2012

Loud separations and divorces of celebrities in 2012 In 2012, in Hollywood, there have been many high-profile breakups and divorces. Those couples who were considered the most durable and exemplary, unable to withstand the test of fame, announced his intention to leave than has generated a lot of gossip in the press.What are the most unexpected separation among star couples brought us this year - we look in our slider. Source: Loud separations and divorces of celebrities in 2012 (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Malinovskaya shocked recognition about your first sexual experience

Malinovskaya shocked recognition about your first sexual experiencePresenter Masha Malinovskaya shocked journalists an unexpected confession about his first sexual experience.It turned out that 17 years old girl, who at the time was a virgin, was raped. It happened in her home town of Smolensk. Carefree Masha and her friend was walking down the street, when his car was approached by two guys. When an attempt to lure the girls offer to eat watermelon has failed miserably, scum dragged them into the car and taken to the woods... Classic scheme from the 90's:"We are not to go anywhere was going to, but we were dragged into a van, drove into the woods and raped her. Then returned back to the city, threw on some street and drove off, said Malinovskaya the magazine "7 days".The story is truly terrible, and the fact that the first man Malinovskaya was a rapist, and altogether terrifying. Читать полностью -->

In the UK, found the script of the film `Macbeth`

In the UK, found the script of the film `Macbeth`In the UK, found the script of the film "Macbeth", which was planned, but was never able to remove Laurence Olivier. About it reports The Guardian.The picture was supposed to be the fourth adaptation of Shakespeare Olivier, one that successfully adapted for the film "Henry V", "hamlet" and "Richard III".When Olivier in the late 1950s due to financial difficulties, abandoned the idea of "Macbeth", he tried to surround a failed project a veil of secrecy. For a long time it was assumed that the script of the film has not survived, but it is in thirteen versions found in the archive of the actor, his relatives sold the British library for a million pounds. Stumbled upon the documents of Jennifer Barnes, a teacher of English literature from Exeter University.As it turns out, Olivier and his second wife Vivien Leigh was planning to play accordingly Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, but also two of the three witches. The filmmaker was not included in the script portion of the original Shakespearean text. In particular, the main character, whom Olivier portrays a more determined, before the murder of king Duncan says his famous speech: "What I see before me? The dagger and stick me?". Читать полностью -->

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