Will film a new series based on the novel `War and peace`

Will film a new series based on the novel `War and peace`The company "Bi-Bi-si" will film an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and peace", reports BBC News.It is already known that the new film will be split into six-hour series. The script will write to Andrew Davis. Previously, he participated in the work on the feature film "the Diary of Bridget Jones, Bridget Jones: the edge of reason," "Brideshead revisited" and "the Musketeers" (meaning the tape is Paul W. S. Anderson), as well as on the TV series "bleak house," "sense and sensibility" and "Doctor Zhivago".A new TV version of "War and peace" plan to present to the audience in 2015 on BBC One. Information about which actors are considered as candidates for the main roles, not yet.The novel "War and peace" earlier already filmed. Читать полностью -->

Ewan McGregor will play public enemy N1

Ewan McGregor will play public enemy N1The American film market kicks off in late October in Santa Monica, which means that a variety of companies, producers and filmmakers will gather in one place, wanting to knock some money for their projects. One of such Directors will be the Aussie Julius Avery.He is with a guitar at the ready and rock'n'roll sentiments are lucky enough to market his project "Son Of a Gun". By the way, Avery has found a leading man - he agreed with Ewan McGregor."Son Of a Gun" is presented as a tense Thriller about the complex relationship of public enemy # 1 and his young protГ©gГ©. The film will take place in Australia, and we are promised a mix of "combat" and "animal Kingdom".If Avery successfully go to the market and will find sources for financing, production pattern will start early next year.As for McGregor, he soon will be seen in a heart-wrenching drama "the Impossible" (14 February) and the tale from Director Bryan singer's "Jack the Slayer of giants" (March 21). Source: Ewan McGregor will play public enemy N1. . Читать полностью -->

Jeff Hanneman, a founder of the band Slayer, has died at 49-years.

Jeff Hanneman, a founder of the band Slayer, has died at 49-years.The cause of death of the famous musician was liver failure. Jeff Hanneman (Jeff Hanneman) Slayer guitarist died in a medical clinic in Los Angeles.A few years ago of Jeff Hanneman was bitten by a spider, and then, as a result of infection, began to rot tissue of his hand. In the fight against necrotising fasciitis the musician has done many surgeries for skin grafts. As Jeff Hanneman were bad habits. The habit of cocaine he had taken a few years ago, but the abuse of alcohol remained for a musician a big problem.Jeff Hanneman founded the group Slayer in 1982 in the USA in the state of California. The group quickly became popular and was released in 1986, the Slayer album called Reign in Blood has become a classic "tresemm" album. Читать полностью -->

Charlize Theron was addicted to cigarettes

Charlize Theron was addicted to cigarettes The other day a movie star photographed in Hollywood in the street, near one of the elite restaurants, with a cigarette in his hand.37-year-old beauty went "on a break" with your friends. It is noteworthy that earlier Charlize didn't approve of Smoking. Source: Charlize Theron addicted to cigarettes (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Tarantino will receive the honorary award of the Rome film festival

Tarantino will receive the honorary award of the Rome film festivalFilmmaker Quentin Tarantino will receive the honorary award of the Rome film festival for lifetime achievement. About it reported in a press release published on the website Collider. The festival was held from 9 to 17 November, and the awards ceremony, which will take place on 4 January 2013, will be its continuation.To award the prize to the film composer Ennio Morricone. The film festival Director Marco Mueller said that the vision of Tarantino radically influenced the cinema in recent years.Simultaneously, in the framework of the festival will be held the European gala premiere of the new film Tarantino - "Django unchained". In the U.S. it was launched in theaters in late December, and in cinemas across Europe will begin to show in the second half of January.That "Django unchained" will be shown as part of the Rome film festival, Mueller promised before the beginning of the award. Читать полностью -->

Country music singer mindy McCready has committed suicide

Country music singer mindy McCready has committed suicidePopular country singer mindy McCready was found dead on his doorstep with a gunshot wound. The cause of death is called a suicide.The famous American singer mindy McCready committed suicide. The woman was 37 years old. According to police, Arkansas, a woman with a gunshot wound was found on Sunday on the porch of his home in the city of Heber springs. The motives that led McCready suicide is still unclear, RIA Novosti reported. The singer has two sons - six-year-old Zander and Zane, who is not yet a year old.As reminds Agency, mindy McCready began singing in the Church choir in early childhood, and at age 18 moved to the city of Nashville, Tennessee, known as the "capital of country music". Читать полностью -->

Moscow's Premier ballet Sergei Polunin alive and well

Moscow's Premier ballet Sergei Polunin alive and wellSergei Polunin, the disappearance of which has become known recently, found. Now he is safe, alive and healthy. The representative of the press service of the Royal ballet in London reported that Sergei Polunin came in contact with them and reported his whereabouts.Sergei Polunin was to perform the title role in the ballet Midnight Express, which was staged by famous Danish choreographer Peter SAUGUS. The premiere is scheduled for Tuesday the 9th of April. Last time Sergei Polunin visited the rehearsal of the production of the 2nd of April. According to the Director of the play, he never saw reason to refuse the services of a dancer - rehearsals were held successfully, but just in case, with Polunin did dancer understudy.It is currently unknown who will play the main role in the play.Recall that Sergei Polunin, originally from Ukraine, a talented young dancer received in 13 years at London's the Royal ballet school. Читать полностью -->




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