Fourth `transformers` will be the beginning of a new trilogy

Fourth `transformers` will be the beginning of a new trilogyThe fourth part of the sci-Fi Thriller "transformers" will be the beginning of a new trilogy. Wrote about this on his website, Director Michael Bay to shoot a new film, and has previously made three previous paintings."`Transformers 4` will not restart. The story develops naturally, we recruited a new cast. These `transformers` will be quite different from the previous three. We create new trilogy," wrote Bay.The Director also said that along with mark Wahlberg (he will take the place of Chailly Labeta, previously performed the main role in the new film, played by Irish actor Jack Raynor (Jack Reynor). Bay spotted after his role in the movie 2012 "What did Richard" (What Richard Did).The film is due out in 2014. Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan can't cope with alcoholism

Lindsay Lohan can't cope with alcoholismThe controversial actress with enviable persistence continues to destroy your body.The father of Lindsay Lohan, Michael, very much concerned about the current state of his daughter and actively asks her team of assistants to take on the famous actress.In their appeals Michael says that Lindsay drinks daily for one and a half bottles of vodka a day, which is a very serious dose not only for girls but also for any adult person.Lawyers Lindsay claimed that they had already tried to return the Hollywood actress in rehab, but their attempt to intervene in the life of a celebrity was not successful."I saw the empty bottles scattered around her room, and there was even a cocaine," writes a concerned Michael Lohan. Source: Lindsay Lohan can't cope with alcoholism. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Steven Tyler broke up with his fiancГ©e

Steven Tyler broke up with his fiancГ©eFamous American musician Steven Tyler, it seems, is single again. According to us press reports, 64-year-old leader of the band Aerosmith broke up with his bride, 34-year-old Erin Brady. According to sources, the star couple broke off the engagement."Just like any other couple, in a relationship, Steven and Erin are tiffs, - said the representative of the musician, - We ask you to respect their privacy, as this depends directly on whether they will be able to resume his novel and successfully to legalize their relationship".Recall that Steven and Erin started Dating in 2006, and January last year announced their engagement. Source: Steven Tyler broke up with his fiancГ©e. . . Читать полностью -->

Lady Gaga released a jazz version of the song `You and I` (video)

Lady Gaga released a jazz version of the song `You and I` (video)American singer Lady Gaga released a jazz version of her song "You and I" in 2011.On Twitter, Gaga explained that the new arrangement of "You and I" owe "too much whiskey, drunk with Brian Newman, a jazz trumpeter. The musician replied that working with Gaga for him was a pleasure.Also in October 2012, it became known that Lady Gaga is preparing a jazz album together with legendary kruzerom Tony Bennett. Plate, according to the singer, "will have to prove that Lady Gaga is one of the best jazz singers of all time".The tracklist of the forthcoming album has been kept secret, but it is known that the arrangement will deal with Marion Evans, a famous jazz producer. Lady Gaga has worked with Tony Bennett on the song "The Lady is a Tramp" c his album "Duets II".Source: Lady Gaga released a jazz version of the song "You and I" (video). . . Читать полностью -->

Agata muceniece showed his belly

Agata muceniece showed his bellyThe mystical star of the series "Closed school" Agata muceniece pleased many fans with his photo in his underwear. Special relish the picture gives a big belly actress that nothing is impossible to hide.The young actress Agata muceniece joined the ranks of celebrities showing fans "wanaloki", that is, images that stars do in the bathroom. Such frames can boast of almost all domestic celebrities. Those who have not had time myself to capture in the bathroom, definitely fall under the second category: "lifelike", which means that celebrity is photographed themselves in the Elevator.Agata muceniece and her husband actor Paul Priluchny waiting for the firstborn. The pair did not hide interesting situation Agatha, but did not put it on display. Lovers rarely visit various secular parties, but this does not mean that Paul and Agatha hiding from the press and fans. Читать полностью -->

Sean Penn: My marriage was a hoax

Sean Penn: My marriage was a hoaxFamous Hollywood actor Sean Penn for the first time in a long time gave a candid interview in which he talked about serious divorce from actress Robin Wright. According to 52-year-old actor, their marriage after separation it was a hoax.Despite the fact that after the divorce of actors Sean Penn and Robin Wright passed about three years, a Hollywood "bad boy" admitted that he still cannot recover after a painful breakup."There's no shame in what we want to be loved by someone. When I look back and analyze your past relationship, it seems to me that I never felt that way. I was the only one who knew about the cheating and was blind in these circumstances", - quotes Sean Penn The Huffington Post.According to Hollywood actor, he didn't know the truth about his relationship with Robin Wright until then, until they broke up. "When you get divorced, suddenly the truth comes out. You sit and think: "What the hell was I doing? What I did, believing that people have so much invested in it? What a terrible humiliation, in the truest sense. Читать полностью -->

Mel Gibson is the biological father of the children jodie foster

Mel Gibson is the biological father of the children jodie fosterRepresentatives of foreign media have suspected it after the ceremony "Golden globe" in Los Angeles.In the US secular chroniclers called Mel Gibson is the biological father of the children of actress jodie foster, as her two sons - 14-year-old Charles and 12-year-old Keith is very similar to the 57-year-old actor.Suspicion among the media there after the ceremony "Golden globe", which was held in Los Angeles.During the event, 50-year-old foster was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille for his achievements in cinema. Also there that she first publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation.In his speech, the actress thanked the sons and entire family for their support and said kind words mom and mentioned separately Mel Gisbon: "You know you saved me too" - I quote foster "Days.".According to "Rosbalt", during the celebration Jody, her sons and 57-year-old Gibson was sitting at the same table. Chroniclers immediately turned to the genealogist with photos of the "family", having considered that he noticed that children actress is really very similar to Gibson's, "but only lighter".The actress is in no hurry to solve the mystery of paternity. As she stated earlier, to do this she plans only when the children turn 21 years old.Jodie foster and Mel Gibson met in 1994 in the film "Maverick". Their first child jodie gave birth in 1998. Читать полностью -->

Dedicated to Burroughs Basquiat painting will go under the hammer

Dedicated to Burroughs Basquiat painting will go under the hammerIn London on February 12 auction of contemporary art Sotheby's will be exhibited triptych work of American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat "Five ribs dedicated to his favorite writer William Burroughs, one of the most important figures of the beat generation. This was reported on the website of the auction house.A picture painted in mixed media in 1983, when the artist was 22 years old, is estimated at 6.7-9.9 million dollars. Canvas exposes for sale a collector who bought the piece 30 years ago at the Basquiat. Thus, the triptych for the first time will be replaced by the owner.According to the specialist in the field of contemporary art Alex Vranjica, which results in The Guardian, the picture is a reflection Basquiat about the world and the fate of Burroughs. The painting refers to the tragic night in the life of a hipster in 1951, when in Mexico he accidentally shot his wife Joan. At a party held at their home on September 6, burrows said that gets into the glass of water, which his wife put on the head, but missed, being in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. Читать полностью -->

Freak singer Krestova gave 5.5 years for rape

Freak singer Krestova gave 5.5 years for rapeThe Khimki city court of Moscow has sentenced Igor Kondratiev (aka Constantine Crosses) to 5.5 years in prison for sexually abusing two girls, one of whom was a minor. On this November 2, RIA Novosti reported.The Prosecutor asked for the accused to eight years in prison, and the lawyer felt that it should be limited to 3,5 years. The defendant, while acknowledging his guilt, requested him to pardon. He called himself "physically and mentally sick person". Source: freak-singer Krestova gave 5.5 years for rape. . Читать полностью -->

France enthusiastically meets Igor Moiseyev ensemble (video)

France enthusiastically meets Igor Moiseyev ensemble (video)In France triumph are touring ensemble of the Igor Moiseyev, in many cities, the artists will be performing for the first time. After the death of the founder and leader of the team tries to keep the spirit of his productions and has consistently demonstrated the talent and skill.Each of the 14 dances put himself Igor Moiseyev, his classics, hits, can easily reconstruct the map of the former Soviet Union. Here trembling like calmac, Russian dance "Summer". And after the "Hopak" the French began to confuse the word "ballet" of Moses. What is the ballet, if it is pure acrobatics?For the first time the ensemble has performed in Paris in 1955, to him from the USSR't come to any team. In childhood Igor Moiseyev lived for several years in France, he spoke excellent French. Читать полностью -->




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