Lady Gaga went out in the cold in a summer dress

Lady Gaga went out in the cold in a summer dressAmerican singer Lady Gaga, known for her outrageous, arrived in St. Petersburg to give a concert in the Northern capital.Artist was struck by frozen fans not only with his waddling gait, but with a light dress and courageous patience, when for a long time signing autographs and posing for pictures.We will note, Lady Gaga has arrived in St. Petersburg for two days before the concert. So when it came to the fans of the actress, they immediately went to the airport Pulkovo to meet your darling. As it turned out, passion fueled and airport staff, laying out a Twitter message: "we Clean the road. Lady GaGa is flying"."We are here with four hours of the day are on duty. Читать полностью -->

ELLE presents: Dj Ravin and new cocktail ELLE Cointreau Fizz

ELLE presents: Dj Ravin and new cocktail ELLE Cointreau FizzWe hasten to please fans and readers of ELLE. In St. Petersburg the restaurant Buddha Bar 5-6 on Friday and Saturday 5th and 6th of April 2013 ELLE magazine will present a special cocktail that will be exclusively offered only in the menu of the restaurant Buddha Bar until 1 September 2013. A new cocktail was named ELLE Cointreau Fizz.The best refreshing drink upcoming hot summers will become ELLE Cointreau Fizz cocktail from ELLE magazine. It is created on the basis of Cointreau, which contains the syrup from the infusion of Lavender plants, exotic Yuzu juice, soda water, which gives it a unique refreshing taste.However, the presentation is limited only by the presentation of a new drink. The editors invited Dj Ravin, who will present his new work, a CD compilation "Buddha Bar Best of Electro". Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan will have to serve his sentence behind bars

Lindsay Lohan will have to serve his sentence behind barsThe actress rejected the offer of the court to replace a nine-month prison term treatment in the clinic for drug and alcohol addicts.The hearing Lohan continues: the 26-year-old star will soon appear before court. It's possible that Lindsay will have to serve his sentence behind bars, because of the treatment in rehab, the actress refused. In addition, just before meeting the girl fired another lawyer.Recall: last summer, Lindsay Lohan provoked a car accident, which briefly ended up in the hospital. In order to avoid punishment, the star that was on special control as a paroled felon, told police that the driver was her assistant. This worsened the situation of the actress, and now she could face 245 days in jail. Source: Lindsay Lohan will have to serve his sentence behind bars. Читать полностью -->

Announced release date of the new Murakami novel

Announced release date of the new Murakami novelNew book by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami will be on the shelves of bookstores in April of this year. This was reported by Agence France-Presse.The IAEA issued a short statement: "Haruki Murakami: the long-awaited novel will be released in April." Other details forthcoming book publishers refused to report. The representative of the Japanese publisher Bungeishunju Ltd and even stated that this project is classified as "top secret".However, in the environment of fans of Japanese writer continued speculation about the future of the novel. "I bet there will be lots of good music, lonely man, girl, war in Manchuria and cooking", - expressed his opinion of one reader. To this list, the edition of the NY Daily News added "cats (speaking or not) and possibly some kind of strange sex.". . Читать полностью -->

Liturgy by Galina Vishnevskaya began in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior (video)

Liturgy by Galina Vishnevskaya began in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior (video)In Moscow say goodbye to the legendary Opera singer Galina Vishnevskaya. In the Temple of Christ the Savior began the Liturgy for the deceased, then, at 11:00 am, the funeral service will begin. To attend will only relatives and friends of the singer. The website Вести.Ru conducts a live online broadcast of the ceremony.On Friday in the Church should bring the icon of St. Nicholas, which Galina Vishnevskaya during the life wanted to convey to the Cathedral. She departed this life on Tuesday, she was 86 years old. Читать полностью -->

Volochkova section Baskov in the Maldives

Volochkova section Baskov in the Maldives Ballerina Anastasia is known for his passion for nudity in the Maldives, as evidenced by her numerous pictures, which the artist puts in his microblog. However, this time Nastya outdid yourself.For a new photoshoot she not only exposed herself, but the "natural blond" Nikolai Baskov.Artist traditionally holds a long-awaited vacation in the Maldives. It is in this corner of Paradise in 2010 took the famous photo shoot Volochkova, which delighted her many fans. As he writes in his blog Nastia, Maldives she loves and not at least once a year to visit these luxurious places. As it turned out, the ballerina not to get naked.Current photoshoot stars was perhaps the most honest and intriguing. The images that made the paparazzi, under the guise of exclusivity were in numerous publications.Secular chroniclers Nastya caught during beach procedures. Читать полностью -->

Released a trailer for `Trance` (video)

Released a trailer for `Trance` (video)Released a trailer for the film directed by Danny Boyle's "Trance." Video premiere took place on the British TV channel "bi-Bi-si 1".In the painting, the Creator of the "Films" and "the Millionaire from slums" was removed before he headed work on the organization of the opening and closing of the Olympic games in London 2012, played by James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson. McAvoy played the role of thief. After another successful Heist, he gets hit in the head, causing his amnesia. He doesn't remember where he hid the loot. The leader of the gang - Kassel, wanting to find the loot McAvoy, sends on hypnotherapy to Dawson, which was to extract valuable information from the head of the thief.The film is a remake of the eponymous series, shows "Bi-Bi-si" in 2001. It is expected that "TRANS" will be released on March 27, 2013.Source: Released the trailer for "Trance" (video). Читать полностью -->

The Ministry of culture regained control over the government-financed movie

The Ministry of culture regained control over the government-financed movieDeputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov has promised to strengthen the influence of the Ministry of culture at the state cinema Fund. About it as informs the newspaper "Vedomosti" in its issue of November 23, said at a meeting of participants of the market.Through the Fund, which Surkov called "economic agent" of the Agency that runs most of the money allocated from the budget for support of Russian cinema.In 2012 on the financing of Russian cinema in the budget allocated nearly 5.4 billion rubles. Of these, 3,8 went to the cinema Fund and the rest by the Ministry of culture. 60 percent of the Fund received the leaders of the market. The producers of the films that have received state aid, must pay 5 percent of their income (which generally is 40 percent of the cash register tape) back to the Fund. Surkov called this scheme "economic bluff.In the future, said Surkov, the Fund will focus on supporting the commercial cinema, and the rest of the films will be financed jointly with the Ministry of culture. Читать полностью -->

Stoyanov was the first to notice the disease Oleynikova

Stoyanov was the first to notice the disease OleynikovaBest friend and colleague Ilya Oleynikov on the program "small Town" Yuri Stoyanov was the first to notice that the artist is feeling at the site.Then the shooting stopped, and the next day Oleinikov was in the hospital. Stoyanov grieved the death of her best friend and calls him his cousin.Yury Stoyanov and Ilya Oleynikov worked together for 19 years. When Yuri found out about the death of a friend, he said that can not accept such loss. On the eve of one of the Central TV channels of the transmission was about Ilya Olejnikova, participation in which have accepted and Stoyanov. He sat next to his son Denis Oleinikov Claverham. Both their faces were sunglasses. Читать полностью -->




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