Tina Karol was photographed for the magazine `time out!`

Tina Karol was photographed for the magazine `time out!`Tina Karol again surprised his fans with an unexpected way. The magazine "time out!" the singer appeared in a splendid dress with a very revealing neckline.In an interview with the artist admitted that he did not believe in the end of the world, and in 2013 she has Grand plans."I think people are just bored, they want something to happen. But I have a life and so rich! "says Tina Karol. Source: Tina Karol photographed for magazine "Enjoy!"". . . Читать полностью -->

In Moscow will say goodbye to Galina Vishnevskaya

In Moscow will say goodbye to Galina VishnevskayaParting with Galina Vishnevskaya will be held Thursday afternoon at the singer of the Opera."on 13 December from 13:00 to 20:00 - farewell and memorial service in the Centre of Opera singing of Galina Vishnevskaya street Ostozhenka, 25, p. 1)" - have informed "Interfax" in the center.On Friday, December 14 from 9:00 am Liturgy will be held from 11:00 a.m. funeral service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. At 13:00 Moscow time Vishnevskaya will be buried at Novodevichy cemetery, the resting place of her husband Mstislav Rostropovich. Source: Moscow will say goodbye to Galina Vishnevskaya. . Читать полностью -->

France was awarded cookbook of chef Elder hankishieva

France was awarded cookbook of chef Elder hankishievaIn France there was a presentation of awards the Gourmand Awards, which celebrate the best cookbooks of the world.The prizes are distributed in different categories, including national cuisine, the best recipes, the best authors and chefs, best cooking blog, best app on the gastronomic theme, and so on. The results of the ceremony can be found on the official event website.In 2013 the award for the best publication about the national cuisine was awarded the famous cook Stalic the khankishiyev, which specialises in traditional dishes of Central Asia. The prize of the Paris fair received a new book of the writer "Bazaar, cauldron and dastarkhan", released in 2012. Second place in the category "a book about the national cuisine" took the magazine about Colombian food, and the third one about the Polish."The Bazaar, cauldron and dastarkhan" became the only cookbook in Russian, the award-winning. The prize also went to a cookbook Alain Ducasse "Big cook book: meat and poultry". She was noted for his translation. Читать полностью -->

`The hobbit` with a higher frame rate will show in Russia

`The hobbit` with a higher frame rate will show in RussiaThe film of Peter Jackson's "the Hobbit: an Unexpected journey" ("The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey") will be shown in HFR format in 45 theaters. The list can be found here (at the time of this writing, the list included 44 items).In particular, the picture in the HFR format will be showcasing six cinemas in Moscow and St. Petersburg.The HFR format assumes that the tape is demonstrated with high frame rate - 48 frames per second instead of 24, as in most modern movies. Due to this, the picture becomes clearer.Reviews foreign audiences about "the hobbit" in HFR format has proved to be controversial. Some complain that the makeup artists and special effects due to too high definition look unnatural. The audience also noted that the film becomes like a soap Opera or a sports event (in the television frame rate is used that is different from the cinema)."Unexpected journey" - the first part of Jackson's trilogy based on the Tolkien novel "the Hobbit". Читать полностью -->

Sergei Yursky will deliver a performance about Chagall

Sergei Yursky will deliver a performance about ChagallActor and Director Sergei Yursky will put on a play about the artist Marc Chagall, one of the most prominent representatives of the avant-garde of the twentieth century, and the last minutes of his life. According to the Jurassic, reports "Interfax", he expects to come up with a performance in the spring of 2013.The Director said that he was going to show in the play set of experiences that are open to Chagall at the last second of his life or "first moment after death." Overall performance will be dedicated to the creative person trying to find his way, and the personality that wins alone, and experiencing the First world war, and revolution, and fascism.It is expected that the play will be presented on the stage of the Mossovet theatre, where the Jurassic is from 1978. However, in an interview with the actor said that the show can be staged outside the theatre, as an independent phenomenon. The main role will be performed by Jurassic.Currently, the actor is located in Tomsk, where in the evening of 22 October, will take the stage in the role of Stalin in the play "Dinner at comrade Stalin", telling about how the Soviet leader invited soloist of the Bolshoi theatre.Sergei Yursky staged performances in the Bolshoi drama theater named after Maxim Gorky, in the theater Mossovet, since 1994 - also in the "School of contemporary art". Now the actor comes on stage in such plays of the theater of the Moscow Soviet, as "a Polonaise, or the Evening of the absurd", "the waiting room", "Thomas Opeskin". Source: Sergei Yursky will deliver a performance about Chagall. Читать полностью -->

Kate BRAIN presented a new video about the tragic love (photo, video)

Kate BRAIN presented a new video about the tragic love (photo, video)Ukrainian pop group Kate BRAIN presented a video for the song "I CAN-T STOP THE MUSIC".The video was filmed in France, where the group went in early October, in an atmosphere of romance to bring to life the tragic love story.The clip shows a psychological game between lovers - a man and a woman. Before the audience played with serious passion, which will inevitably lead to a dramatic finale.The author of the idea was made by KATE BRAIN, inspired by the work of Director George Hickenlooper - "Factory girl". The main task set before the group was to maximize the realism and the nonlinearity of the plot.The shooting took place several days in a row. The new clip was directed by Victor Skuratovsky, known for his work on the acclaimed "Oksana".Source: Kate BRAIN presented a new video about the tragic love (photo, video). . . Читать полностью -->

In London, the premiere of the new film about James bond

In London, the premiere of the new film about James bond Yesterday in London held a Grand premiere of the new film about the invincible agent 007 James bond.At the Royal hall of arts albert hall gathered various stars of the film industry, among which was the leading roles in the movie "007. Coordinates: Skyfall" Daniel Craig and new bond girl - Berenice Marlowe and Naomi Harris in crazy outfits.Also on the red carpet shined British actress Judi Dench, supermodel Naomi Campbell and the Spanish movie star Penelope Cruz, who was accompanied by husband, actor Javier Bardem. Source: London premiere of new film about James bond (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Scarlett Johansson boasted a new tattoo

Scarlett Johansson boasted a new tattoo Hollywood beauty Scarlett Johansson showed off her new tattoo.Famous actress showed new tattoo, which she did in one of the elite tattoo studios in Paris. The author of the text "Lucky You" with a picture of a horseshoe on the body of a movie star became a popular French graffiti artist and tattoo master of Fawzi Uvtpk.It is known that the 27-year-old star decided to make a new tattoo by visiting the salon Fawzi Le Salon, which presents the best works of the artist - sculpture, drawings and photographs of his most successful tattoo works. Source: Scarlett Johansson boasted a new tattoo (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

A STUDIO has summed up the expiring year

A STUDIO has summed up the expiring yearGroup a-STUDIO traditionally summed up the results of their creative work during the last year. The most significant event of 2012 for the legendary band has become a massive concert to commemorate the 25th anniversary of A STUDIO. On the stage of the Kremlin was a Grand performance, which sounded like most of the important hits and new songs, including "Just goodbye", "Dad, mom" and "I was looking for you." Almost immediately after A Moscow speech STUDIO went to celebrate his anniversary to his homeland to Kazakhstan, where they brought part of the Kremlin multiscreen 3D decoration, which projected pictures, especially created under the mood of each room. In addition, this year the band played a great live solo concert in one of the largest clubs in Moscow "B2".In the summer of 2012 A STUDIO has released a new video for the song "Just goodbye" in Kiev took a famous film Director and music video Director Alan Badoev. As musicians starred in the video for the title track of the film "Brigade. The successor is the sequel to the popular TV series "Brigada". Читать полностью -->

The group `RР°dРёРѕ` sang `Chicherin` at the exhibition radios

The group `RР°dРёРѕ` sang `Chicherin` at the exhibition radiosNovouralsk punk-disco-grunge band "RР°dРёРѕ" noted radio Day - a Day of workers of all branches of communication - concert-a concert. "RР°dРёРѕ" sang the best song in 10 years of creative activity, such as "Pink glasses", "Fly away", "Dreams" and a cover version of the song "Radio wave" Ural fellow musicians group "Chicherina". Historical flavor made the event a cultural retrospective exhibition of vintage radios, organized not only by musicians but also by fans of the team. As exhibits were presented to well-known Soviet brand of receivers, among which the VEF, "Spidola", "Record", stereocomplex VEGA and as said vocalist Olga Nekrasova, "pride of the Ural radio equipment - radio-toy "Buddy"."From grandparents I got a trophy pre-war receiver Blaupunkt, says the band's frontman Eugene Agapitov. High frequencies were not there at all, but their absence is more than compensated stunning low - soft, volume, velvet... In school I loved to plug in your way "the lighthouse" - from him came the high frequencies that were in the luxurious ocean bottoms psychedelic German unit. Читать полностью -->

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